2024 Ones to Watch Industry Leaders: Greg Corbin, Northgate Real Estate Group

Greg Corbin
Northgate Real Estate Group


May 28, 2024 – Spotlights

“Greg has a relentless work ethic and 15 years of relationships in the distressed real estate arena. He started his focus on bankruptcies and foreclosures during the last downturn in ’08 and since then, has established himself as the industry go-to broker in the niche. He is widely known for his ability to navigate a deal’s twists and turns and sell properties for top dollar. As a sought-after industry leader, he is regularly invited to speak on event panels and webinars, and continuously shares his knowledge while furthering the Northgate brand.” – Chaya Milworn, Managing Director at Northgate Real Estate Group.

In the last 12 months what accomplishment are you most proud of? It’s been almost a year since my team and I started Northgate, and looking back, I’m both proud and grateful that everyone wholeheartedly got behind the decision and opted to open the new shop with me. We’ve built a great business model over the past 15 years, but doing it under our own banner has been incredibly rewarding. Our focus is on distressed real estate assets and we’ve carved out a substantial share of the market in this niche. We’ve also been handling more workout assignments with borrowers and lenders and are currently restructuring the debt and/or handling the sale of 19 buildings, membership interests, and development sites in bankruptcy or foreclosure. These assignments have aggregate value of over a quarter of a billion dollars, and I’m immensely proud of the volume, deal size, and my team’s ability to successfully handle the workload with such extraordinary results.

Best books, podcasts, or apps for aspiring leaders: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a classic for a reason.


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